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Great Backyard Bird Count February 15 – 18, 2013

Great Backyard Bird Count

Well, it’s time to count birds in our backyards again!! We had so much fun doing this count during our study of Apologia’s Flying Creatures, I figure we will make this an annual event. So we are getting everything ready! This year we are adding a few things to help with our bird identification. If you live in TN here is a link to the most common bird cards to print and study: http://jimmiescollage.com/2011/02/more-bird-resources-for-backyard-bird-count/

We will be using the Bird Observation sheet from The Notebooking Fairy http://notebookingfairy.com/2011/11/bird-observation-notebooking-page/.

For those that are doing or want to start a nature journal, here is a great bird feeder journal page: http://www.arps.org/users/ms/pricen/Science7/biology/Ecology/nfj/birdfder.pdf

We are going to make some homemade bird seed ornaments and suet to hang out. You can find recipes for both here: http://handsonaswegrow.com/homemade-heart-bird-feeder/# and http://www.artistic-garden.com/easy-homemade-bird-suet-recipe/

I hope you will get involved in the great backyard bird count! It is a fun and easy way to encourage our children to slow down, look around and to demonstrate making the time to study nature and our Father’s creation! Remember, our children do what we do, not what we say!!


The Corlew Progeny Painstakingly Picked at a Pack of Putrid Pellets

Here lies the Skeletal Remains found in #3’s owl pellet. Well, actually, they are glued … but you get the point! Anyway… It is a rodent. So, here is a quick lesson on owl digestion from L&L Farm: Owl’s cannot digest the bones and fur of their prey, so they regurgitate those items … thus creating a fur covered (have I mentioned stinky already) pellet. The pellet can have several rodents or just one. #1 child dissected one pellet and he found huge bones, but no skull. #2 child found several skulls in the same pellet. #3 child found what is pictured. If you would like to dissect owl pellets, here is a great site to help you with the lesson plan. http://naturalsciences.sdsu.edu/classes/lab2.2/lab2.2.html. We purchased our owl pellets from Carolina Supply http://www.carolina.com/owl-pellets/owl-pellet-study-kits/FAM_227801.pr?catId=10786&mCat=10748&sCat=&ssCat=&question=Owl Pellet