The Corlew Progeny Painstakingly Picked at a Pack of Putrid Pellets

Here lies the Skeletal Remains found in #3’s owl pellet. Well, actually, they are glued … but you get the point! Anyway… It is a rodent. So, here is a quick lesson on owl digestion from L&L Farm: Owl’s cannot digest the bones and fur of their prey, so they regurgitate those items … thus creating a fur covered (have I mentioned stinky already) pellet. The pellet can have several rodents or just one. #1 child dissected one pellet and he found huge bones, but no skull. #2 child found several skulls in the same pellet. #3 child found what is pictured. If you would like to dissect owl pellets, here is a great site to help you with the lesson plan. We purchased our owl pellets from Carolina Supply Pellet


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